Adult Day Training

Day Training services provides active training in a nonresidential setting to prepare the participant to transition from school to adult responsibilities, learn employment skills and/or increase social and behavior skills. This can include meaningful community involvement, career planning, vocational activities, workplace problem-solving skills. Day Training can also focus on retirement activities i.e., hobbies, clubs, and other senior related activities. Participants can build a person-center plan to increase skills or maintain skills. Utilizing the SCL or Michele P. Waivers.

Providing skills training in the areas of
Daily living skills
Socialization skills
Work skills training
Community involvement

Community Living Supports

Community Living Supports is a program that takes the people we serve into the community one-on-one. CLS staff assist them with various things they would like to do, including but not limited to: going to the gym, shopping, going out to eat, going to the movies, walking in the park, and much more. Not only do the people we serve gain access to transportation, but they have a partner to help them navigate the community and live independently.

Providing skills training in the areas of
Home living skills
Leisure pursuits
Accessing the community
Learning community involvement

Case Management

All participants must have a Case Manager to assist with coordinating care, services and supports. The service must be person-centered and should help the participant connect with community and waiver resources. The Case Manager works closely with the participant to ensure ongoing satisfaction with services, that needs are met, and that health, safety and welfare assurances are in place. Utilizing the SCL or Michele P. Waivers.

Personal Assistance

This service enables the participant to accomplish tasks that the person normally would do for himself/herself if he/she did not have a disability. These tasks can be hands on assistance, reminding, observing, guiding or training during an activity. The service can also assist the participant with managing medical care and transportation to access community resources, activities and appointments, if these are not available under the Medicaid program. Utilizing the SCL or Michele P. Waivers.


This service consists of general household activities that is provided for the participant by a direct care staff. The participant must be functionally unable, but would normally perform, age-appropriate homemaker tasks. Utilizing the Michele P. Waivers.

For information about services offered through the SCL and MPW Medicaid Waiver that are not offered by the Opportunity Center of Owensboro, go to Division of Community Alternatives at:


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